Our Pastor

Rev. John R. Smith

John was elected by Litchfield Baptist Church to be our pastor on January 8, 2017.  His wife, Sophie, grew up in our church and in fact they were married here.  John had been one of our deacons for the previous year and before that we support he and his family as one of our missionaries. Their family served under Gospel Fellowship Association in Zambia, Africa for four years and then for a year and a half on the Carribean island of Dominica.  All three of their three children attend college at Bob Jones University.   Their family has been a blessing to our small church.

John and Sophie are both graduates of Bob Jones University.  Pastor holds a Master of Ministry degree from Bob Jones Seminary.  

Pastor Smith also serves on our local volunteer fire deparment.  He is able to help many in our community serving as a firefighter, emergency medical technician, and a fire safety inspector.  Through this connection, pastor is also able to serve as the Fire Chaplain for the Medina County Firefighter's Association.

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